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Career Path

A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. - Robert HeinLein


At DSECC we value the opportunity to teach a new generation of teachers! If you are in school for Early Childhood Education at a local college, university or tech school, Diamond Street is an excellent place to get hands on experience. 

Classroom Aide 

Our classroom aides are a valuable part of the teaching team. It is the perfect role for someone looking to explore early childhood education as a career, take on a part time job or be a part of our summer camp staff. Classroom Aides need to have a high school diploma or GED or be actively enrolled in an Early Childhood Education specific program. You will spend time getting to know the children, engaging them in play activities and helping the teacher implement the curriculum. 
Assistant Teacher - Assistant Group Supervisor

Assistant teachers (or in Early Childhood Education jargon, assistant group supervisors) have spent two years working as a classroom aide, babysitting, volunteering in their church children's programs or summer camps. Many have taken advantage of Diamond Street's continuing education opportunities and have obtained a Child Development Associate Certification and are working on an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education through one of our scholarship partners. Assistant Teachers are now ready to take on greater challenges and responsibilities in the classroom. Assistant teachers help to develop and implement the curriculum and run activities. Additional responsibilities may include opening or closing the classroom, joining a committee or other tasks that benefit the children center wide. 

Lead Teacher - Group Supervisor

A Teacher becomes a Lead Teacher when they take on the responsibility of classroom management. A lead teacher will design and create the educational environment, develop curriculum, plan and run activities and evaluate the students' progress making adjustments to the plans according to their needs. The lead teacher also mentors and directs a group of teaching staff within their room ensuring that all staff responsible for the students have the tools and knowledge necessary for the children to be successful throughout the day, even when the lead teacher is not present. While a lead teacher's primary responsibility is to their classroom, they may also take on daily operation tasks for the whole center and are expected to participate as committee members.  

Program Director

DSECC has a team of administrators that ensures the continual quality of childcare at the center. Lead teachers who have demonstrated leadership abilities may be promoted into administrative roles as vacancies occur. Program directors guide and mentor the classroom staff, interview and hire new staff, and ensure the daily operations run smoothly and the programs remain in budget and follow all regulatory guidelines. The program director may take on projects to enhance the center and benefit the children. They serve as chair members of their committees. 

Executive Director

The executive director is responsible for the successful leadership, overall management and operations of DSECC. If a vacancy occurs, the Board of Directors will often look to the administrative staff to see if one of the program directors has proven leadership qualities that will help them lead and create direction for the center. The executive director will have a completed bachelor's degree and perhaps even a masters as they seek to continually learn and grow in preparation to guide the staff, and develop relationships with families and the community. 

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